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Spray October2015 8 Spray October 2015 Regulatory Issues Doug RaymonD Raymond Regulatory Resources SCAQMD eases up on Consumer Products, CARB continues to lower VOC limits CARB/SCAQMD Meetings with South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) management continued on July 8 in Sacramento, CA. Industry representatives met to discuss future regulation of Consumer Products targeted by SCAQMD. Currently, SCAQMD is not targeting any Consumer Products and stated that only limited VOC reductions will be needed for the next State Implementation Plan (SIP). We will need to monitor District activity, but this is good news for now. CARB As of Jan. 1, 2017, the volatile organic compound (VOC) limits for three aerosol adhesives will be lowered. There is less than a year and a half to meet these new limits. The following categories have future effective dates. Category Current Limit 1/1/2017 limit mist Spray adhesive 65 30 Web Spray adhesive 55 40 Screen Printing adhesive - 55 Now is the time to start preparing for these future effective VOC limits set by CARB. If at all possible, try to reformulate your products now because if you have a problem with reformulation, we need to contact CARB sooner than later. In addition, on Jan. 1, 2017, all the General Aerosol limits and some of Specialty Aerosol Coating limits become effective in the following categories: Aerosol Coating Category General Coatings 06/01/2002 01/01/2017 Clear Coating 1.50 0.85 Flat Coating 1.20 0.80 Fluorescent Coating 1.75 1.30 metallic Coating 1.90 1.20 non-flat Coating 1.40 0.95 Primer 1.20 0.70 Specialty Coatings (A) 01/01/2003 01/01/2017 auto Body Primer 1.55 0.95 Electrical/Electronic/Conformal Coating - 2.00 Exact match Finish: automotive Engine Industrial 1.50 1.70 2.05 0.95 0.95 1.20 Flexible Coating - 1.60 ground Traffic/marking Coating 1.20 0.85 mold Release Coating - 1.10 Two Component Coating - 1.20 uniform Finish Coating - 1.30 Continued on p. 36

Spray October2015
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